The Most Efficient Mining Operation in the GALAXY



HARDCAP: 4,750,000


There have been many attempts to replace traditional power generation with renewable energy such as solar or hydro power. In the end, these have proven to not yet be sustainable for high-power consumption scenarios.

Apollo18’s goal is to stay ahead of the challenges that face blockchain technology and reward investors by building cryptocurrency infrastructure and securing the blockchain.


The Apollo18 Token (A18) is an ERC-20 based token built and issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The token represents a portion of the total hashing power of the mining farm.

Dividends will be paid in Ethereum on a monthly basis based on the profits generated by the cryptocurrency miners.

85% of the tokens will be distributed during the ICO.
15% of tokens will be utilized for marketing and future growth.
*Any unused tokens, up to 500,000, will be air dropped. Anything over 500,000 will be burned.

Token Holders


  • Start Date: September 2
  • End Date: September 16
  • Token Price: $0.65
  • Cap: 4,750,000 A18

Public Sale

  • Start Date: September 17
  • End Date: October 1
  • Token Price: $0.90
  • Cap: 6,000,000 A18


6-Month: $375
12-Month: $750
18-Month: $1500
The above model is based on an average of 75% annual return calculated by an analysis of historical Apollo18 data. The calculator may be updated as more data is collected in the future. As markets fluctuate, mining returns also fluctuate. Numbers in the calculator are speculative and are not a guarantee. This is not considered to be used soley as investment advice but as an aid in your investment decision. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Most Efficient Mining in the Galaxy

As efficiency increases, hash rate and profitability increases. Apollo18 utilizes old school data center methodologies with a new age twist to create the most efficient mining operation in the galaxy.


Kirk Durbin

Kirk is the founder of The Apollo Project, an initiative geared towards education surrounding security, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Kirk has performed security audits, incident response projects, and consulted numerous companies in a variety of business sectors as well as spoke in various educational settings in the Central Pennsylvania region including public seminars and entrepreneurial groups. Kirk's combination of information security knowledge, experience in the cryptocurrency space, and his drive to innovate and build is unmatched.

Justin Merrell

Justin is a passionate entrepreneur, technical strategist, and emerging business leader on a mission to offer results-driven, innovation-centered solutions that have a lasting positive effect on his local and global community. Currently, Justin serves as the Co-Founder of Adiaon LLC and Catalyst Space. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering & Entrepreneurship from Pennsylvania State University.

Nate DeLong

Marketing Director
Nate is an award winning content producer and creative director, and is the founder of the SapientRazorfish startup initiative known as “Hit Squad.” He has overseen many successful branding and crowdfunding campaigns and brings his passion for high quality, authentic storytelling to the Apollo18 Mission Crew.

Pamela Paige

Community Manager
Pamela is a real estate developer in New York City who specializes in connecting high-level commercial developers internationally. She also spent a decade in charge of staffing, marketing, and development for Team Enterprises and US Concepts. Currently, Pamela is one of the key players in the Phore Blockchain acting as Head of Partnerships and Business Development.

Anthony Russell

Security Advisor
Anthony is a Security Software Engineer, blogger, and conference speaker. Professionally, he is currently building the software behind one of the leading, commerically-available Intrusion Detection Software suites. He is also known for writing the "Miner in the Middle," injecting monero miners into network traffic, and the @moneroident bot that de-anonymized Monero nodes. Anthony has also spoke at DefCon and DerbyCon presenting his tool, Alohomora, that connected publicly available voter databases with social media.

Chris Mair

ICO Advisor
Chris is a strategist and an early blockchain enthusiast, having first invested in Bitcoin in 2011. He is a founder of DADI and is the key architect behind the decentralized business strategy. Prior to DADI he was a partner at London based technology company Airlock, where he headed the strategy division. Before joining Airlock, Chris was the Global Head of Digital Technology for fashion brand Diesel where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy across 33 markets worldwide.


2017 October 15th

Concept + MVP

Apollo18’s began as a novice mining operation using the open air “Ikea shelf” approach. After realizing the inefficiencies, the crew assembled a scalable model.

2017 October 15th
2017 December 1st

Efficiency Model

The Apollo18 Crew is a fusion of a set of diverse backgrounds. Knowledge of data center optimization and experience in a wide range of Information Technology sectors creates a team that is unmatched in the mining space.

2017 December 1st
2018 March 16th

Partner Sale

In March, Apollo18 raised funds via a private partner sale to expand on the proof of concept while proving legitimacy and ability to scale and perform duties as detailed in the Apollo18 whitepaper.

2018 March 16th
2018 June 1

Global Marketing Campaign

Launch global marketing campaign and continue scaling the operation in preparation for Initial Coin Offering.

2018 June 1
2018 September 2nd

Initial Coin Offering

ICO goes live and raises funds to continue the expansion of Apollo18. In addition to the ICO, Apollo18 will file with the SEC to remain compliant as a security offering.

Pre-Sale: Sept 2 – Sept 16
ICO: Sept 17 – Oct 1

2018 September 2nd
2018 Q3 (TBA)

Test Launch

Execute test launch of Apollo18 and present dividend-paying smart contract.

2018 Q3 (TBA)
2018 October 1

Lift Off

Post-ICO, Apollo18 will continue to scale the mining operation, partnering with exchanges, and begin the process of issuing Ethereum payouts to the Apollo18 partner token holders.

2018 October 1
2019 Q1

In Orbit

Continue growing and expanding mining operation while launching more offerings such as custom PCB boards for miners and expanding payouts to all A18 holders.

2019 Q1