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Apollo18's Mission

Apollo18’s Mission is to continue to build and innovate the cryptocurreny mining space while rewarding investors with Ethereum utilizing the most efficient mining operation in the galaxy.

The Problem

Recently, cryptocurrency mining has become the forefront of concern for environmentalists. It has been cited that the process of mining a single Bitcoin is equivalent to the same amount of electricity used to power nine homes in the United States for one day. Whether these numbers are accurate or not is irrelevant.  The fact is that mining consumes astronomical amounts of electricity. 

As cryptocurrency becomes more embedded in the world economy, energy consumption issues will become a larger issue and need addressed. With GPU wholesalers in place, Apollo18 is already steps ahead of the competition.

The Solution

There have been many attempts to replace traditional power generation with renewable energy such as solar or hydro power. In the end, these have proven to not yet be sustainable for high-power consumption scenarios. 

Apollo18’s goal is to stay ahead of the challenges that face blockchain technology and reward investors by building cryptocurrency infrastructure and securing the blockchain.

Earnings Projections

Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five

The above model assumes the 10% reinvestment model as outlined in the whitepaper and is based on current difficulty and market conditions. Results may be higher or lower. Numbers are based on a $5,000 investment compounded over five years. Token price is calculated at the price during Phase Three of the ICO which is $0.90. These numbers do not reflect administrative costs. Bitcoin value at time of estimates was approximately $10,000. Ethereum price at the time of estimate was approximately $800. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The Crew


Kirk Durbin

Kirk is the founder of The Apollo Project, an initiative geared towards education surrounding security, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Kirk has performed security audits, incident response projects, and consulted numerous companies in a variety of business sectors as well as spoke in various educational settings in the Central Pennsylvania region including public seminars and entrepreneurial groups. Kirk's combination of information security knowledge, experience in the cryptocurrency space, and his drive to innovate and build is unmatched.


Justin Merrell

Justin is a passionate entrepreneur, technical strategist, and emerging business leader on a mission to offer results-driven, innovation-centered solutions that have a lasting positive effect on his local and global community. Currently, Justin serves as the Co-Founder of Adiaon LLC and Catalyst Space. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering & Entrepreneurship from Pennsylvania State University.


Pamela Paige

Pamela is a real estate developer in New York City who specializes in connecting high-level commercial developers internationally. She also spent a decade in charge of staffing, marketing, and development for Team Enterprises and US Concepts. Currently, Pamela is one of the key players in the Phore Blockchain acting as Head of Partnerships and Business Development.


Chelsea Turner

Chelsea is Apollo18's graphic designer and branding expert. As a graduate from Penn State University, Chelsea's freelance experience in web design and brand development combined with her knowledge of advertising, marketing, and human psychology is paramount to Apollo18's mission.




Coinhub.Network is your source for high quality cryptocurrency news, analysis, education, and ICO/startup counseling.

Coinhub.Network has been responsible in aiding TE FOOD, Pure Investments and others become leaders in their respective fields.


Chris Mair

Chris is a strategist and an early blockchain enthusiast, having first invested in Bitcoin in 2011.

He is a founder of DADI and is the key architect behind the decentralized business strategy. Prior to DADI he was a partner at London based technology company Airlock, where he headed the strategy division.

Before joining Airlock, Chris was the Global Head of Digital Technology for fashion brand Diesel where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy across 33 markets worldwide.




Apollo18’s began as a novice mining operation using the open air “Ikea shelf” approach. After realizing the inefficiencies, the crew assembled a scalable model.


Efficiency Model

The Apollo18 Crew is a fusion of a set of diverse backgrounds. Knowledge of data center optimization and experience in a wide range of Information Technology sectors creates a team that is unmatched in the mining space. 


Scale To Silo

With custom cabling and server case modifications, the first Apollo Pod was born. The Apollo Pod is a rack-mounted mining unit with a smaller form factor than traditional open air cases.



Apollo18 will be continuously expanding. At this point, we will be expanding our marketing efforts, connecting with the community, and reaching out to exchanges to make the A18 token more widely available. During this time, we will be expanding internally hiring more developers and engineers.


Token Sale

Apollo18 will now have completed all necessary filing requirements with the SEC. The remaining A18 tokens will become available for the Public Sale. Apollo18 will also be securing shipping dates with wholesale partners for the necessary hardware to implement the data center.


Apollo18 Data Center

By the end of 2018, Apollo18 predicts to have the core of the mining infrastructure in place and operating. At this time, the Apollo18 smart contract will have already been deployed to the blockchain and investors that have owned A18 tokens for thirty (30) or more days will have received dividend payouts from the Apollo18 Silos.


Initial coin offering

Partner Sale

$ 0.40 .
  • March 16, 2018
    Cap: 2,500,000


$ 0.65 .
  • TBA
    Cap: 5,750,000

Public Sale

$ 0.90 .
  • TBA
    Cap: 10,750,000


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