How to Buy Bitcoin in Austria – The Complete Guide by griffex

How to Buy Bitcoin in Austria – The Complete Guide by griffex

We are no stranger to the Austrian Finance Minister’s addressal of Bitcoin. Hartwig Loger has urged the future market to view Bitcoin as a significant sector in the fiscal sector. He also suggested that the financial sectors to be cautious of the impending dangers of cryptocurrencies and that regulations are critical. Austria’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) has also appreciated the concerns shared by Mr. Loger where they’ve even welcomed the hints of oversight and regulation.


As of today, you can easily buy Bitcoin in Austria with EUR. Since the Austrian banks are a part of SEPA, the crypto deals using the SEPA wire transfer causes a cheaper transaction for its Austrian users. Austria has also been one of the leading nations concerning blockchain implementations and innovations.

There are numerous options that you can avail to buy Bitcoin from Austria. It can be from local dealers, BTC ATM, or trades on the internet. Even though it’s understandable that acquiring Bitcoin can be a powerful procedure for many since it’s quite complex. But it apparently isn’t as complicated as it appears. There are lots of options to buy Bitcoin in Austria which are simple, reliable and quick.

TLDR: You can make use of FIAT cash to acquire Bitcoin. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, then you can use several kinds of traditional payment methods like bank transfer, debit card, charge card, etc. to purchase Bitcoin.


But before you start off with your very first purchase, you should take certain parameters into Consideration, for example:

How much are you prepared to pay?
Just how much information are you prepared to disclose?
And, your place of course. Here, for example, it’s Austria.

So, now you have to discover platforms which will fit your requisites. Bitcoin is basically a financial tool and thus they are subject to regulations. AML or Anti-Money-Laundering-Rules are used to crypto platforms which sell Bitcoin. These programs also have KYC rules which help them identify their customers. Austria is also adopting such regulations, particularly after its Financial Minister decided to point the fallacies out.

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